15 Incredible Antique Bookshelf Decor Ideas

Antique Bookshelf Decor Ideas 9

The bookshelves contain several bookcases which have been divided by the horizontal parting. Of course, I didn’t mean it negatively – but, if you want to see what I’m talking about, check this list. Now you have an attention-grabbing bookshelf that no one can ignore. The use of creative bookshelves is a smart solution that can answer the need for book storage, as well as an art object that can beautify your room. Other collections such as dolls can easily be displayed on shelves in cabinets.

Attempt beginning with a couple of large staple items, and then accessorizing with smaller sized, more detailed things. Start with your repurposing skills and put together a gorgeous bookshelf with reclaimed wood and crates. For book lovers, the book collection will definitely continue to grow over time. Many of these shelf ideas start with weathered wood. You could also add some mason jars or leftover tea tins with herbs or beautiful colored microgreens.

Antique Bookshelf Decor Ideas

When decorating in the farmhouse style, practical touches mix with decorative flair. We have prepared some wonderful tips and some amazing inspirational photos to make your bookshelves as stylish as they are useful, we hope you will be left feeling inspired! If you are still looking for more, in the past we have presented to you some other inspiring articles related to books. This traditional living room features a custom built-in shelving unit with color coordinated books to create a stylish aesthetic. This home office features wall bookshelves painted in white that features four spacious vertical sections which then has a horizontal parting. The color-coded bookcase creates an eye-catching rainbow effect.

The bottom step being the largest gives space to keep huge baskets or storage bins with important household items. It’s not unusual when you visit a friend’s house who is very fond of reading and finding dozens and even hundreds of books that are scattered everywhere. As seen in this minimalist space, the books are stacked in alternating compositions, one pile laying horizontally and the other vertically. Oakwood is strung and hung, shaped like a hanger, then stick it to the wall so that the hanging wall bookshelf is ready to be used as a place where you will store your books. Look for plants with visual appeal like fresh cut blossoms, or an edgy succulent.

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