22 New Trend Grey Playroom Decor Ideas

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As your children grow, you may wish to sell on or donate your smaller furniture and replace it with study desks and chairs so they can use the playroom as a place to do their homework or add beanbags or a sofa so that they can hang out with their friends. To gather inspiration, check out these zoned playroom ideas and choose the ones that fit your child. If you do choose a paint with a matt finish, use a tester pot first to check if the finish is chalky.

Have fun with color! If you want to keep the space more neutral to match the rest of your home, opt for colored accessories like baskets or chairs. So it is better to avoid typical pink (for girls) or blue (for boys) and pick gender neutral colours like green, yellow or multiple colours for your kids’ play area. As your kids get more comfortable with their new playroom, they’ll likely want to spend more and more time there. No kids playroom is complete without a reading nook.

Trend Grey Playroom Decor Ideas

Don’t have the space for a dedicated playroom? Fear not, just check out our children’s bedroom design ideas – there’s plenty of tips and tricks for incorporating plenty of play space. In this case, the definition of “accessories” is pretty broad. By following the tips below, a corner of a kids’ room, or even living room, can be turned into an inspiring playing nook. No room for a separate playroom? That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some of these playroom ideas into your child’s bedroom.

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